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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Melissa May-Downer
Bud Tibbets
Libby Heally
Jesse Hargrove
Ryan Herz

With the busy spring upon us it has become increasingly difficult to find common times to meet while managing other individual responsibilities. The committee decided to trust the Planning Board in its process to develop the town's ordinance. The Thondike Wind blog will continue to be updated with developments. Planning Board meetings are open to the public. Citizens are encouraged to come.

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Kyla said...

Thanks for keeping us informed.

I think it's appropriate for the planning board to handle this issue, and I think the decibel levels listed on the blog are appropriate. While I was researching them, though, I found this article: http://www.windaction.org/news/20316 in which a wind farm pretty clearly violated a sound ordinance, but there was no funding to appropriately call them on it. Do you know if the Maine DEP has the funding it needs to investigate noise complaints? Either way, I think it would be wise for Thorndike to have our own noise ordinance on the books, and a solid idea of how it can be enforced.

Thanks for all your work on this important issue,
Kyla Hershey-Wilson